Channel the Highest Vibrational Frequencies of
Love Light to Raise the Vibe of Humanity


Right now the things that humanity needs most are...

To manifest/create in alignment with our highest potential timeline; and

⚡️ To maintain strength, optimism, hope, certainty, knowing and sovereignty with a fortified immunity.


I’ve spent a lot of time tuning into humanity’s field of consciousness and have been deep in channel.

My spiritual guidance team, The Galactic Federation of Light, have shared with me so much insight about the current circumstances on this planet. 🌏

This potential break down is the break through so many of us have been calling for.

It presents an epic opportunity for human and systemic evolution if we can just do one simple thing…

💪 BRING THE VIBE and embody it with clear intention. 💪

Amongst the anxiety and fear, humanity right now on a collective level is on masses experiencing two REALLY important processes…

1. We’re coming into our HEART. ❤️

We’re thinking about what’s really important, all differences aside - we’re all in this together.

2. We’re being REAL with ourselves. ☝️

We’re responding to all the parts; no feelings can hide and in turn we’re connecting with ourselves with greater authenticity and TRUTH.

LOVE and TRUTH...hmm interesting combo right?

In doing so…

We as a collective can now access some of the HIGHEST vibrational frequencies available to us. ⚡️

These energies were previously available but NOT accessible.

Our consciousness was not a match for them - our heads and hearts were elsewhere.

Funnily enough it seems that IT IS NOW!

And (with Divine timing) this is right when we need them.

I’ve been presented with and accepted the mission of running free group activations called “VIBE TIME!”

Presented by myself and The Galactic Federation of Light, the intention is that we as a group will channel, anchor and integrate these frequencies for ALL.

This is a consciousness experiment. 🌏💫

The purpose is to raise our individual vibration in order to raise collective vibration and to be a match for the highest potential reality that's possible for us ALL.

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down HEAR THIS…

We have prepared LIFETIMES for this moment right now.

And here on this page you can access VIBE TIME 001 for yourself.

Register your details and please enjoy!

Let's BRING THE VIBE people!

Be ALL that you are.


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Dan Brophy

Social Media Marketing and Content Creator

I was unsure how to progress in my career.

It needed to be fulfilling, meaningful and purposefully aligned. I had too many options. I was focusing my energy in too many areas, and not progressing with any of them. I feared making a decision.

My concern about working with a business coach is that they wouldn’t get me on a spiritual level. But when I met Heath I knew I could trust someone as far out as him.

His work is magical but grounded.

With Heath I discovered my core values and strengths. I also learned to focus my service around what is most impactful to both the world and myself.

I set goals that seemed bold and outlandish at the time. Now I simply accept and understand them as where my life is heading.

I also left with a deeper understanding of who I am, and a solid life-compass and game-plan to follow moving forward.

This has not only given me specific direction, it saved me time and energy.

It's been a game changer for my business.

When I look at the evolution of my business - and myself - I see the time working with Heath as the beginning of a new era.
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